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Patient Testimonials

Read what these people have to say about Dr. Gary Olson, chiropractor and Active Release Techniques specialist. Make your appointment at the Long Island Spine & Sports Injury Center for chiropractic, fitness training, A.R.T., cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy services.

Frank M.

I have had a bad back since high school. A few times a year my back “goes out” in varying degrees. Sometimes it’s from overdoing it with exercise or karate or an ill-timed sneeze. Regardless, when it happens my life shuts down. It’s all I think about every moment of the day. It’s always in the foreground. At the onset, I see Dr. Olson. We go through the steps of Action Release Therapy, the traction table, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, adjustments when needed, and physical therapy. Within days the pain is minimized and I can get on with my life. Sometimes I feel instant relief, other times it’s a little longer but each time I know Dr. Olson is there to help me through my pain. Will the pain ever go away completely? Probably not. But every Dr. I have been to over the past 30 years said surgery is the only way to get better. I completely disagree and believe Chiropractic adjustments and maintenance are the best option for me and my busy lifestyle.

Jeremy Thode, Commack School District Athletic Director

“Dear Dr. Olson: I wanted to take the time to thank you for the outstanding support and service you have provided to the Commack Athletic Department. Whether it’s been treating our athletes or educating our coaches, you have gone above and beyond! Your genuine interest in our health, wellness, and success is a priceless resource to us. We know we can always count on you professionally and personally and we appreciate it greatly. On a personal note, you have been a fantastic medical marvel for me and my wife. Treating me and enabling me to complete my training for the Triathlon and Marathon was unbelievable. I would never have thought I could relieve the pain and overcome the injuries that I sustained during my training! Thanks to you and active release, I accomplished my goals. Additionally the relief you have provided my wife from her medical complications has been wonderful. You will always be our “go to guy”! Thanks again! You really have embraced the concept of the “Commack Family” and I know your dedication to the Commack Athletics is unmatched!”

Nicole B

Dear Dr. Olson,

On May 30th I was unable to go to my niece’s graduation party; as I  spent the entire  night in the most violent pains ever experienced in my lifetime; ( from my left hip all the way down to my toes). The pain had been lingering for some months prior and I kept neglecting it; but this sudden blow was so brutal and  alarming; I did not know what to attribute it to… If I can describe it accurately, it felt like persistent electric shocks, accompanied by burning sensations of cramps and tinglings, …. so  intense!  

The orthopedist I consulted some weeks later,   advised I should be prepared for a “fusion of the spine”.  A few  days after that somber diagnostic,  a divine inspiration guided me to the search for a chiropractor through the internet.  I clicked on your name among those listed,  as the site opened up.

For a change, my choice proved to be right!

After my  third session, the improvements  became sensibly greater,  and  more so presently,  coupled with the care provided by Oliver, your therapist.  The evidence of a speedier and full recovery is more and more imminent; and hopefully I expect it will be a permanent one.

I will not forget,  and I am certain you remember,  it took three members of your staff to pull me up to a sitting position from the stretcher, where my first treatment was performed – – I was pinned down by the pain! NOW,  after five weeks, I can move without help during my treatments;   my gait is getting firmer; I have regained  my sleep;  I can move in and out of my car with more ease and attend to my daily routines around the house practically free of pain.

I must thank the Angel whose  inspiration put me on your path!

Still under your care, let me say “Thank you” to you, for having given me back my legs and my life through the energy you pour onto my treatments; to Oliver,  for the efficiency of his therapy and to
Kelly, for her cooperation, kindness and understanding!

Lots of continued success to  you  and may God bless you all!

Moussa Sy, Long Island Rough Riders Forward

“I pulled my hamstring and couldn’t play soccer. I went to Dr. Olson and in one treatment I was able to get back playing. My down time due to injury was reduced from several weeks to only a few days.”

Nicholas D, Commack High School Lacrosse Player

“I had pain in both of my calves and shins, I couldn’t walk without limping. I couldn’t play lacrosse. After four visits I was pain free.”

Denise D.

“Soon after I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck, the pain was so great I was admitted to the hospital. I was told by the surgeon on call that my best option was immediate surgery. I wanted a more conservative approach and opted for pain killers, muscle relaxers, steroids and of course, physical therapy. After 6 weeks of treatment, my level of pain was still too high to function normally, so I stopped physical therapy and found Dr. Olson and Active Release Techniques. After the first two sessions with Dr. Olson, I noticed a great improvement. I was able to stop taking all my medications, except Advil and I was able to get through the day. Now after 8 treatments with Dr. Olson I am almost pain free and no longer need the Advil. Surgery should always be the last resort; Dr. Gary Olson should be your first!”

Pamela Morace

“When I was diagnosed with an impingement in my shoulder, the only recommendation I was able to get from my primary care physician or from the medical websites was to take an anti inflammatory, see an orthopedist, get a cortisone shot or go to physical therapy. I just wasn’t convinced any of that would be a complete cure. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended seeing Dr. Olson, and I couldn’t be more grateful! As soon as I got my first treatment, I started feeling relief. Each treatment thereafter gradually relieved me of pain I had gotten to know and thought I had to live with. Now after only several treatments, the impingement and pain it inflicted on me are a thing of the past. I owe my friend a huge thank you for introducing me to Dr. Olson and A.R.T.”

Joseph Battista

“I have had lower back pain for several years. I have been treated by many specialists in an attempt to manage my pain. I was recently referred to Dr. Olson by my spinal surgeon’s office. During our initial consultation, he conducted a thorough examination and then discussed his plan of treatment. I was impressed by our first meeting and felt very comfortable. While under Dr. Olson’s care, my lower back pain has greatly diminished and I have not felt this well in years. His manipulations have helped me tremendously. He is knowledgeable and his treatment has been very effective.” 

Sean Bennett, NY Giants

In 1999, Sean Bennett experienced a rash of injuries, including a torn hamstring that failed to heal. Once he went to a chiropractor that specialized in A.R.T., he was restored to complete health and was able to return to football.

“Looking to Bust Loose” by Paul Schwartz, New York, Newsday, August 20, 2002.

Gary Roberts, Professional Hockey Player

Two failed neck surgeries, and on the verge of early retirement, Gary Roberts received A.R.T. treatment and was able to continue his professional hockey career.

“Active Release Techniques Helps Athletes Maintian Peak Performance” by Dr. Barry Arvideson, Healthcare Review, Sept. 17, 2001v14 i8 p.24

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