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Foot Orthotics

Our feet are the foundation for our bodies — walking, running, or standing. When our feet are hurting it affects the rest of our body. When we have a foot injury, or when the shape of our feet cause our feet to strike the ground at an off angle, it can cause pain, not only in our feet, but our legs, knees, lower back, and other areas of the body.

As a chiropractor skilled in orthotics, Dr. Olson is concerned with the pain and imbalance you may be experiencing. He will do an assessment to see if you need orthotics to stabilize your body, alleviate your pain, and improve your ability to walk and run. Custom fit orthotics shoe inserts are a great way to protect your feet, reduce your symptoms, and avoid surgery.

How Orthotics Work

Custom orthotics don't just provide a cushion for your feet. They change the way your foot strikes the ground as you move, properly distribute your weight, improve your balance, protects your feet, as well as helps to absorb some of the impacts when your foot strikes the ground.

There are different types of orthotics designed to meet specific needs and deal with different problems. For example, there are orthotics for people with soft tissue problems, such as diabetes. These shoe inserts are designed to reduce the pressure on areas of the feet where ulcers (open sores) may occur. This can reduce the need for amputation.

Another type of orthotics is designed to improve how your foot strikes the ground. They basically work by bringing the ground up to the foot. These orthotics can be used to treat physical conditions such as tendinitis and shin splints.

Other orthotics are designed to help people keep their feet, ankles, and legs in alignment. Let's say your ankle rolls inward when you walk or run. Having this type of orthotic can reduce the pain, not only in your feet, but also in your knees and hips. Additionally, because your body is now properly alignment there will be less wear and tear on your joints.

Fitting of Custom Foot Orthotics

Over-the-counter shoe inserts are readily available at many pharmacies and shoe stores. Often, these will work fine. However, for more serious foot conditions, a customized orthotic will work much better. These custom fitted orthotics are created specifically to fit your foot. They are also made of stronger, better materials and will last longer.

Dr. Gary Olson can fit your orthotics for you. He will examine your feet and evaluate your walk. He will ask you about any symptoms that you might be having, such as pain in the foot or legs, and whether you have any health conditions like diabetes. If he comes to the conclusion that orthotics are a good option for you, he will take a three-dimensional picture of your foot. This will be used to create a custom orthotic is designed to improve your comfort and mobility.

If you are experiencing pain your feet or legs, check with us to see if orthotics might be a good fit for you. Contact Dr. Gary Olson at 631.462.0917 to set an appointment or use our convenient form below. If you found this article informative, please recommend it to your friends and family.

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