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Spinal Kinesiopathology

Spinal kinesiopathology is an atypical positioning or movement of the spinal bones to such an extent that it restricts the patient’s ability to turn and bend. Spinal kinesiopathology is part of a set of symptoms and signs that affect the spinal column. There are five components of vertebral subluxation complex. The other 4 are:

  • Histopathology
    When there is an increase in lymph supplies and blood your body temperature may increase. This can cause inflammation and swelling affecting the spinal column. Such inflammation can damage the spinal discs causing herniation, tears, protrusions, and a weakening of the spinal column.

  • Myopathology
    If the muscles that support your spine atrophy, become stiff, or weaken, the muscles can spasm. This can cause scar tissue to form and alter your muscle tone.

  • Neuropathophysiology
    Your nerve tissue is fragile and when your spine is not functioning properly the nerves can become irritated, aggravated, pinched, stretched, or obstructed. This damage can cause your nervous system to malfunction.

  • Pathophysiology
    When the joints of the spine are not moving correctly, bony growths can start to fuse the joints together. This leads to deterioration of the spine, nerve dysfunction, and scar tissue.

Spinal kinesiopathology and these 4 other symptoms can be caused by physical trauma, stress or chemical imbalances.

Your spine is designed to move. When there is a lack of activity or subluxations (misalignments) causing improper movement of the spine, disc degeneration will start to occur in the spine. In addition to movement, your spine protects the nerves that come down from the brain, exit the spine and control the organs and muscles of the body. When the spinal column is not functioning and moving properly, the nerves can become irritated and pinched. This will lead to adverse reactions and other symptoms throughout the body.

Chiropractors Detect and Treat Spinal Kinesiopathology

Dr. Gary Olson will examine your posture and flexibility. If necessary he will also order x-rays. Once he has determined the cause of your problem he will perform chiropractic adjustments to correctly align your spine and restore your range of motion.

Depending on your problem, Dr. Olson will use various therapies and treatments to deal with pain, inflammation, subluxations, spinal fusing, soft tissue injuries, and trauma from accidents, falls, and other injuries. These therapies may include chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), acupuncture, physical therapy, exercises, and more.

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